‘It was time the industry offered a credible and comprehensive service to guide, assist and educate people in successful property investment, development and home ownership.’

In the early 90s I was ready to purchase my first home, however I had no idea about the process or which area and/or estate was the better option – it was simply ‘trust the real estate agent and everything will be alright … how wrong I was!

Finance was the first obstacle I had to try and navigate – I called the agent to discuss the best options available, only to be told ‘nah mate… I can’t help you with your  finance, you need to talk to a bank or your broker’. I didn’t have a broker and I was unsure how to choose a broker that best suited my situation – so now what? I went to the local branch in my hometown to speak with them about securing a loan to buy my house. Firstly, they asked to see the contract, ‘your conveyancer should have it’ … Conveyancer? Who’s that I asked, because I didn’t know I had one.

The bank advised they needed to see the contract to understand the purchase price and inclusions. I assumed when the house is built, it will include everything, excluding my furniture and personal belongings. Right? Absolutely wrong (again)! The bank reviewed the contract and then proceeded to ask a multitude of questions, including some of the following:

  • Who is going to build your driveway?
  • Are you requiring a fence? This is not listed in the inclusions.
  • How do you anticipate paying for the window furnishings? These are not part of the inclusions.
  • Floor coverings are also not included in the build, how do you intend paying for these?

I can vividly recall sitting there overwhelmed by what I didn’t know, what wasn’t included and what I had overlooked. I had no idea that buying a house resulted in me having to find additional funds to complete the rest. Money was just the beginning – it also meant additional time to source what I needed, research and confirm reputable trades, be on-site when trades were booked in – quite often being changed at the last minute, having to reschedule work and personal commitments.

Working bees became a regular occurrence for the following 12 months after moving in (the first couple were fun). Family helped me to build fences around the perimeter, a driveway, footpath to the front door, letterbox, then building gardens – it was both exhausting and time consuming.

This initial experience and all the things I didn’t know about getting into property made me incredibly hesitant to ever do it again – this was a hard, costly and frustrating learning curve.

However, many years and properties later, I researched, analysed and created systems, applied the method I had fine tuned that not only helped myself succeed, but I knew I could help others.

Over the many years I have been involved in property investing and developing, I was continually horrified to see the amount of people about to make the biggest decision of their financial future without any real support, guidance or understanding of key factors such as; capital growth, existing and future infrastructure, demographics, employment, education, community development and more. There is a multitude of variables that have the potential to impact your future financial outcome, and where or when you should or shouldn’t purchase property.

I decided it was time the industry offered a credible, comprehensive service to support and educate people in successful property development, investment and home ownership.

Today, Radius Property Group has an extraordinary team who tirelessly work across our Development, Investment and Real Estate business units, who are solutions-focussed, assisting clients to navigate property (and all that it involves), every step of the way. Whatever your property needs are, we work closely with you to ensure your property goals are achieved and your journey is positive and rewarding.

Your future is created by what you do today.

Jason McDaniel

NDIS Property Investment

Jason McDaniel has 25 years experience across local and international business, development, investment, real estate, operations, contract negotiation and settlement.

Jason’s career boasts working with many of the worlds largest companies in Australia, Europe, Asia and UAE. Jason’s reliable, honest and proactive approach has fostered and continues to foster many trusting relationships with very capable and qualified investors, developers, suppliers and contractors.

Jason is highly regarded in the property development, property investment and real estate industry – sought after for his vast experience in negotiating and securing englobo sites – successfully transforming undeveloped parcels of land into premium residential land estates.

If you would like to meet up with Jason to talk all things property, please contact Jason anytime to arrange an appointment time.