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Our experience, combined with our extensive networks and our fresh forward-thinking approach to property ensures you will be on your way to home ownership, investing or property development.

We spend the time listening to you and getting to know you and what you’re looking for – we are here to help you invest in your future. Our focus is driven by your goals and we recommend opportunities based on these, not what we want to sell you.

Radius Property Group provide you with the right tools and information so you have a transparent understanding of what the next steps are to achieving your property goal – we then work with you in the capacity you require.

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So, you’re thinking of directing your hard-earned dollars into property?

Before you direct your hard-earned money into property, you need to be sure you have crossed every T and dotted every I – otherwise property can be one of the most expensive choices you can make. You want to maximise your returns so that your money, instead of yourself is working hard! That’s where our team of Senior Property Advisors can help you. We research and analyse the property market inside and out – making sure your property choice is leading you towards the ultimate goal of financial freedom.


What is the Right Area?

It’s important you make the most of astute property choices and with over 10 million residential properties Australia-wide, we ensure you are investing in the right radius at the right time. Our team have a golden rule ‘no data, no decision’! We are constantly researching and analysing economic drivers and market profiles to build detailed reports so we can best match the location with your investment/purchase strategy.

Selecting a New Property?

We research areas and all of the hidden intricacies that are vital when considering property investment. These include demographic dispersement, employment nodes, future developments, current and future infrastructure, transport flows, amenities and more.

The Right Property.

We are not a Real Estate Agent. This means, we do not have a set list of properties, nor do we have clients we have to please in trying to sell their property. We only work for you – The Buyer! Whether you’re looking for an investment property or house and land package for your future home, we work with a proven system that produces results! We save you time, money, frustration and give you the peace of mind that your property decision is the right decision.

Negotiating Your Property.

Our team are professional negotiators – negotiating property every day and we know what to look out for. We will ensure your property investment / house and land package is purchased at the best possible price that matches your budget and property goals.

Property Management.

If you’re purchasing a property investment, we have a credible network Australia-wide that can support you with your property management and tenant agreements. We understand property investment can be daunting – we help you every step of the way so your property journey is a positive and successful one.

Securing Property Finance.

Our exclusive finance team work with a wide range of lenders in Australia, which means you get to see what’s available from the big banks to building societies to non-bank lenders. We work with you to define your long-term financial goals, understand your unique profile and develop a strategy that sets you on your path to financial freedom.

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Radius Property Group
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  • Honour best practice at all times.

  • Respect and comply with the industry’s code of conduct.

  • Regular and transparent client meetings.

  • Only partner with and recommend reputable companies with a proven track record.

  • No data, no decision. Our recommendations are carefully researched and analysed.

  • Minimise risk for clients at all times.

  • Provide open access to management at all times.