NDIS Property Investment

Providing you with a turnkey, comprehensive end-to-end solution for a sophisticated investment venture, ensuring accuracy and success from the beginning.

Investors dedicated to constructing properties that align with the NDIS objectives and cater to the participants, their families, and their carers, and who genuinely invest in this solution, find themselves being able to attract participants quicker and retain those participants long-term.

On the flip side, investors enticed by over-promises that look appealing on paper, yet are driven by greed, face ongoing challenges. Given the complexity of this investment opportunity, it’s advisable to be aware of baits from sales groups and assess (or consult us) whether the ‘promises’ pitched to you serve your interests and those of the participants.

Why Choose Us For Your NDIS Property Investment?

We are seasoned consultants in this domain, proficient in crafting quality homes in strategic locations that enable individuals with disabilities to flourish. We take pride in being among the select few in this sector who genuinely care! Our concern extends to the end user of your investment, the Participant, as well as to you and the safeguarding of your investment.

  • The primary aim of your investment is to yield high returns for you, while equally significant, it’s about enhancing the quality of life for individuals facing challenges due to disabilities, a situation perhaps more challenging than ours. Grasping this notion simplifies achieving the right balance and paves the way for a mutually beneficial outcome for all involved.
  • Our comprehensive professional services have been meticulously developed to offer you an all-in-one solution; from aligning with your goals and objectives, locating the land, designing the home, overseeing the construction, to ensuring the investment property is tenanted and managed on your behalf seamlessly.
  • Offering you, the investor, a distinctive opportunity to achieve robust rental returns alongside enhancing the lives of those in need.

  • Through our providers, we ensure the home designs embody highly liveable spaces with innovative layouts, transforming your investment into a dwelling where participants feel comfortable and connected to. This enables them to lead lives of their choice within their own communities, in close proximity to essential infrastructure.

  • NDIS Property may not cater to everyone’s investment preferences, yet if you’re seeking a high-yield investment with risk mitigation, anchored in Australian Law, encompassing a 20-year program with a dedicated annual budget of $700 million, and an investment income indexed to CPI, then this investment avenue is tailored for you.

  • With such exceptionally high annual rental returns, NDIS property investment currently stands unmatched by any other investment vehicle in Australia that shares a similar risk-mitigated profile.

Let's Get Started!

Once we grasp your investment goals, understand your requirements and your unique financial position, we will present a curated selection of ‘best fit’ SDA properties for your consideration.