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Always supported with critical information relevant to the decision making process. No Data, No Decision!

Residential property investment has created more millionaires in Australia than any other form of investment, however, not everyone who invests in property is successful and there’s many reasons for that.

Radius Property Group functions independently, guaranteeing a client-centric approach rather than a vendor-driven one. We offer a comprehensive ‘end to end’ facilitation service to ensure a smooth and seamless purchasing experience.

We’re in the realm of people and property, and we hold a firm belief that fostering transparent, genuine relationships with all our associates leads to outstanding communication and mutual understanding. Regardless of whether we are collaborating with first-home buyers or seasoned investors, our approach is exact, respectful, dependable, and always bolstered with data pertinent to the decision-making journey.

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And How We Work With NDIS Property Investors

Initially, we request that you refrain from asking us for stock lists as we will not provide these. Our approach begins with building a rapport, understanding your objectives through meaningful conversations, and ensuring you have a comprehensive grasp of our program. Only upon reaching this level of mutual understanding will we initiate the process of identifying and sharing property options tailored to your needs. We regard this procedure with utmost seriousness, recognising that clients willing to engage in genuine discussions are equally serious about their property investment journey. If open communication resonates with you, then you are the client we are eager to work with. Does this sound fair?

A yet-to-be-constructed property tends to offer you, as the investor, a higher return on your investment compared to a pre-existing or second-hand one. For this reason, we focus on new-build property investment for our clients.

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Collaborating with Service Providers, SDA Home Designers, NDIS Approved Builders, NDIS Care Providers, and Participants, all the way to a licensed SDA Rental Manager… Leverage our Consultancy Service to gain access to our comprehensive, tailor-made service for NDIS Property.


What You Can Expect

Our mission is to transform our clients’ lives by matching you with prosperous property investments. Our approach is warm and inviting, beginning with a casual cup of coffee and a friendly discussion. We steer clear of ‘hard-sell’ tactics, as it’s simply not our style. Rather, we delve into research to present you with property suggestions, coupled with financial solutions that are tailored to your distinctive situation.

STEP 1 Meet with one of our Specialists to talk through your property goals and timelines, and how we can help.

STEP 2 Meet with the Lending Finance Consultant to understand your capabilities.

STEP 3 Meet with your dedicated Property Investment Specialist to talk through your capabilities and options.

STEP 4 Meet with your dedicated Property Investment Specialist to secure the best property option for you.

investing in property australia


  • Show you how you can pay less tax.

  • Access to properties earning high returns with long-term rental agreements.
  • Help you build investment strategies and navigate market forces.

  • Identify and invest in the right location(s) for optimum return.

  • Gain access to every property on the market, as well as exclusive off-market opportunities.
  • Provide you with the most up-to-date detailed reporting, advice and information.
  • Source the right property, at the right price, supported with unbiased advice.

  • Our experience and research capabilities save you money and time.

  • Help you to secure the best finance option.

investing in property australia


  • The time-poor executive or working couple.
  • Those with limited property investment experience.
  • Overseas and interstate property investors.
  • Beginner property investors who want a helping hand to get started with confidence.
  • Experienced property investors who want to build a diverse portfolio.
  • Home buyers who upsize/upgrade and are able to use equity in their first home.
  • Investors wanting to work with a specialist in property investment, rather than a sales person.
Property investing how to

How To Be Successful In Property Investing

With our established blueprint for success in property investing, you’ll seamlessly transition into the property investment market, and be well on your way to expanding your portfolio for ongoing investment success. Our team adheres to a meticulous process to pinpoint and secure prime property options that surpass clients’ financial aspirations.

By diligently tracking property trends and markets across the nation, we align you with the highest-performing property in the ideal location, taking into account a broad range of factors including; growth phase, regulations, infrastructure planning and price cycle.

So, you’re thinking of directing your hard-earned dollars into property?

Before you direct your hard-earned money into property, you need to be sure you have crossed every T and dotted every I – otherwise property can be one of the most expensive choices you can make. You want to maximise your returns so that your money, instead of yourself is working hard! That’s where our team of Senior Property Advisors can help you. We research and analyse the property market inside and out – making sure your property choice is leading you towards the ultimate goal of financial freedom.


What is the Right Area?

It’s important you make the most of astute property choices and with over 10 million residential properties Australia-wide, we ensure you are investing in the right radius at the right time. Our team have a golden rule ‘no data, no decision’! We are constantly researching and analysing economic drivers and market profiles to build detailed reports so we can best match the location with your investment/purchase strategy.

Selecting a New Property?

We research areas and all of the hidden intricacies that are vital when considering property investment. These include demographic dispersement, employment nodes, future developments, current and future infrastructure, transport flows, amenities and more.

The Right Property.

We are not a Real Estate Agent. This means, we do not have a set list of properties, nor do we have clients we have to please in trying to sell their property. We only work for you – The Buyer! Whether you’re looking for an investment property or house and land package for your future home, we work with a proven system that produces results! We save you time, money, frustration and give you the peace of mind that your property decision is the right decision.

Negotiating Your Property.

Our team are professional negotiators – negotiating property every day and we know what to look out for. We will ensure your property investment / house and land package is purchased at the best possible price that matches your budget and property goals.

Property Management.

If you’re purchasing a property investment, we have a credible network Australia-wide that can support you with your property management and tenant agreements. We understand property investment can be daunting – we help you every step of the way so your property journey is a positive and successful one.

Securing Finance.

Our exclusive finance team work with a wide range of lenders in Australia, which means you get to see what’s available from the big banks to building societies to non-bank lenders. We work with you to define your long-term financial goals, understand your unique profile and develop a strategy that sets you on your path to financial freedom.

Our Property Expertise and Services Are Changing Lives!

Our in-depth range of services extend far beyond property investment to assisting first home-buyers source and secure the best possible new-build homes across Australia. Plus, Radius Property Group have the most comprehensive database of property listings Australia-wide – our established network enables us to source property on and off the market.

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We make the process of choosing the right property loan as easy as possible.

Working with our exclusive network of finance advisors ensures we are all on the same page when it comes to your finances and your property goals. Our team assess your borrowing capacity and cash flow management, fast tracking your property goals. Once we receive your approval to proceed we’ll manage the entire process from application to settlement.

How to buy a property


We have been really happy working with you from start to finish. You have been transparent and honest and everything worked as planned. You have always been available when we had questions and always provided the right answer. As it was our first investment in Australia we needed someone to hold our hand during the whole process and you have done that brilliantly. It was great to feel that you knew exactly what you were doing.

The finished product is exactly as expected and the rent we are getting is much higher than expected. No surprise through the whole process and we are already getting ready to do a second investment with Jordan.

Alex and Emilie

Tara has been an absolute superstar, every question has been answered every message or phone call responded to promptly. She has held our hand through this entire process so far. I really couldn’t recommend anyone more honest reliable & supportive.

Amanda and Justin

Discover our proven property strategies that have helped our clients build extensive, cashflow positive portfolios and achieve home ownership faster, while paying less tax along the way.