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We have proven results in major land estates in Victoria.

If you are a developer looking for a partner to help you with your land estate sales and project delivery, Radius property group can help you.

We have current and in-depth knowledge of the property market, including up-to-date data on identified growth corridors and zoning changes. We pride ourselves on the long-term and respected relationships we have built across the industry, allowing us to tap into exclusive opportunities and information channels.

Radius Property Group has proven results in many major land estates in Victoria. Our vast networks and database of repeat purchasers, investors and builders is vital to supporting and delivering a successful project and qualified sales for your development. Along with the dedicated support of our marketing team and preferred contractor network, we work with you to customise an approach that will deliver high impact awareness , generate new enquiries, qualify new leads, maximise our database of premium buyers and drive traffic to your development – all in pursuit of timely sales conversions.

Radius Property Group also provides strategic direction, current data, ideas and advice on lot pricing and lot sizing to help maximise your lot yield and mix throughout the development.

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