Jordan Gallagher Radius Property GroupGetting to know your Property Consultant is paramount in building trust and respect. After all, purchasing an investment or forever home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will undertake, so you want and need to be absolutely comfortable with your consultant. 

Jordan Gallagher is the Senior Property Consultant at Radius Property Group (RPG), who began his career in real estate in 2003 and has been dedicated to coaching private investors for almost ten years. Jordan is one of the most talented, astute and highly regarded property experts in the industry and is a Licensed trainer to the property management industry, holds a Diploma in Financial Planning (SMSF) and Cert IV in Property Services.

Overwhelmingly, real estate is an industry saturated with varied opinions from endless sources. Jordan’s ongoing and relentless pledge to analyse and dissect market information, data and trends has proven invaluable. His passion toward working with clients to help them strip back the noise and understand the fundamentals of property and investing, to analyse the numbers and help clients build a bigger picture plan for what they’re trying to achieve is why Jordan is so respected by clients and peers within the industry.

Jordan fully appreciates building a house can be a stressful and confusing time for clients with so many different builders to choose from – ranging in quality, ability, price, specialisations, availability etc. Jordan is exceptional at cutting through the jargon, ensuring his clients get what they want and deserve, as well as removing the stress, uncertainty, vulnerability and confusion from the process.

Having worked and gained invaluable experience and insight into the property industry over many years, Jordan will only work in a culture that is driven by a client-centred focus. He is proud to be part of the RPG team, who without a doubt champions client-focused outcomes, leading the way in achieving client goals and long term partnerships. ‘We thrive on referrals and repeat business and we can’t do that without putting our clients first and foremost’ Jordan says.

RPG have established and continue to proactively engage with a diverse range of reputable builders along the east coast of Australia from major retail, wholesale to custom builders. This ensures RPG are able to offer clients the best possible solution to suit their unique goals.

With far reaching access to markets throughout Australia’s east coast, RPG Property Consultants help clients dissect the information available and help guide them through the process of investing in property. Buying an investment isn’t about ‘see property, buy property’, it’s about looking at yields, tax strategies, lending strategies, debt management and property market fundamentals. The property landscape has changed dramatically over the last 20 years and continues to evolve and change, therefore understanding personal circumstances and building a big picture plan that fits a client’s financial position and then targeting a property in the right area to fit a personalised strategy is key to success.

As your ‘broker’ to the building industry, Jordan’s expertise and proven track record will eliminate the stress out of building your own property and/or securing cashflow positive investment/s. Through an educational approach to property, Jordan’s vision is to;

  • provide clients with the tools and information to set them at ease, establishing and developing confidence in the property investment process.
  • for clients to be constantly kept in the loop as we manage the builders through the build process and keep everyone in check, ensuring start and finish times are achieved with minimal disruption for clients.
  • for client expectations to be exceeded and for clients to be so happy with the whole process start to finish that they feel comfortable telling their friends and family about RPG and become the team’s biggest cheer squad.

On a personal note, Jordan loves his sport and having a round of golf (if only the handicap was nicer to him). Jordan loves getting along to watch all sports, trying to entice his daughter to appreciate AFL and Soccer, and encouraging her to participate in cricket (proving a bit more difficult though).

Being originally from Queensland, getting to the beach and out into the countryside is always high on Jordan’s to-do list when the time allows.